Acting Masterclass | Introduction_Level 1

🎭 Do you want to explore the art of theatre?

👉🏼 In the Acting Masterclass you will be introduced to the basic acting techniques. What you will learn can be used beyond the stage.

You will work on your creativity, connection and presence.

✨Allow your self to BE SEEN and BE HEARD!

• Theatre and Acting can be therapeutic and liberating both for you and your audience.

• It can enrich your life in numerous ways.

•It can improve your self confidence, your visibility, your connection with your self and others, your happiness levels, your creativity, your satisfaction and your effectiveness in any aspect of your life.

🎭 Acting will give you the tools to unblock your Emotions ( emotions being the fuel we use to achieve our goals) and learn how to use them, rather than your emotions dictating your reactions.


In this 10 week Acting Masterclass you will learn

• The Los Angeles Method Acting and Success Technique ( a combination of Acting and Personal Development).

• The basis to the Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, Stanislavski and Meisner Techniques.

• Brief Drama history- the evolution of theatre.

• How to create a Role.

• How to explore a character | Character Analysis

• How to connect with yourself, your fellow actors and command attention from the audience.

• How to use your Voice.

• How to use Emotions to guide the audience through the arc of your character and the play.

• How to find your WHY.

Click HERE for more details and to learn how to register

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