How Acting can help your brain and your mindfulness


Take Action!
We usually want something, set a goal and then we start censoring ourselves.  “I want this, BUT…” , “I could never…”, ” I will wait until I get the money…”,  “When I lose the weight, I will do it…”.
We are all good in setting goals.

We are not all good in following through and taking action.

It is perfectly normal, it happens to many people.
It is what happens in our brain when we start to doubt ourselves and wait for more information to come, giving us “instructions” on what we should do.
On stage you can not wait for the perfect time, you can not wait for more information. You have to ACT with what you have in the NOW. There is a FLOW to the play and you need to follow that flow, your character depends on it, your fellow actors depend on it, the audience depends on it.

Acting, the basic techniques of Acting, teaches you how to achieve your GOALS, your objectives. COMMIT to the flow and take ACTION. Become an Actor- a person who takes action. What you learn on stage, you can incorporate in real life.
We do not take action when we do not want to feel uncomfortable. Acting is all about learning to love being uncomfortable. You are standing in front of the light, while everyone else is sitting in the dark.

“The greatest fear people have is public speaking. After public speaking comes the fear of dying. So most people would rather be in the coffin than give the eulogy” Jerry Seinfeld- comedian.

Acting teaches you how to get out of your comfort zone. There is an entire world outside the limits of your fears, outside your comfort zone. If you stay comfortable, you are not moving. When you are not moving, how can you walk new roads that will lead you to new places?

Acting helps cognitive functioning, even if people get a brief course of Acting; we do not necessarily mean professional actors.

At the Beckman Institute they took a group of students and asked them to learn some material the most efficient way they could and then they took another group of students and gave them five minute of instruction in an acting technique.  They told the second group not to try and learn the material, but just to mean what they say.

The conclusion was that the students in the group who used the actor’s approach learned more than the other group.

The acting process makes the brain more active. Acting involves thinking, feeling and doing. Each of these components activates a different part of the brain; your motor areas, your language areas, your emotional areas.

Being an actor on stage means being present, being in the Now; what psychologists call “Mindfulness”.

Acting can help you train your brain and your mindfulness.


Upcoming Event by The International Theatre in English:

  • Acting Masterclass | Beginner’s Level 1

Starts April 24th | A ten week program to help you feel more creative, connected, liberated.

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Masterclass by Hans Kesting

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